January 2020

WWF is active in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and is one of the most trusted conservation organisations. Their main purpose is to protect endangered species and natural habitats, to meet and innovatively tackle the climate change challenge, and build a world where humans and nature live harmoniously.


Their mission is to support the recovery of threatened animals and to build a future where humans and nature exist harmoniously.



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Lily Bunch
Lily Bunch

While individually lilies represent a multitude of emotions, overall the lily symbolises humility and devotion. We are devoted to doing our part in this urgent time of need; our country is on fire and communities, businesses, and natural environments need our support more than ever before.

Proceeds: 10% of Lily Bunch sales during January

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About WWF

WWF was founded in 1961 and is currently active in over 100 countries with nearly 5,000,000 supporters globally. WWF Australia is a part of the WWF International Network.WWF works in partnership with local communities, Indigenous groups, governments and businesses to address threats leading to the decline of endangered plants and animals.The main drive of the organisation is to tackle climate change, reduce waste and environmental impact which may contribute to unfavourable social and economicoutcomes. By working with entrepreneurs, investors and businesses, WWF supports and promotes low carbon and zero carbon solutions.