Waves of Wellness Foundation

October 2023

Waves of Wellness (WOW) Foundation, is a mental health non-profit organisation delivering innovative evidence-based surf therapy programs for people experiencing mental health challenges. Our programs are run by trained mental health professionals and qualified surf coaches. The primary focus of the program is to introduce surfing to participants as a way to improve physical health, mental health, and well-being in a neutral, non-intrusive environment. The program uses the ocean and surfing as a conduit to explore, stimulate, and facilitate positive therapy outcomes.


At WOW we are changing the nature of the mental health pandemic by changing the very nature of the way we treat it.



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Making Magic - Blue
Making Magic - Blue

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About Waves of Wellness Foundation

Founded in 2016, WOW offers innovative programs for people at risk of or currently experiencing mental health challenges. WOW strives to change how mental health is viewed, addressed, and treated throughout the community. Or you could use the website as inspo - From humble beginnings, 2016 saw our first-ever pilot program with 10 people having completed the program with incredible results. Ever since, we’ve been perfecting our surf therapy programs to what they are today. It’s making mental health support accessible to the broader community, providing additional outreach, resources, and people power to create long-lasting impact.