November 2021

SecondBite rescues edible surplus food from growers, producers and retailers and distributes it free of charge to over 1,400 charities and not-for-profit organisations to feed vulnerable Aussies in need. These organisations use the rescued food for nourishing meals, emergency relief packages, community pantries, school breakfast / lunch programs and more.


Ending waste. Ending hunger. We rescue good food that would otherwise go to waste and distribute it to help feed people in need.


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Pretty Picture
Pretty Picture

Full of fresh-picked blossoms, our beautiful Pretty Picture bouquet is most definitely the way to your special recipient's heart! Designed in a palette of pink, purple and white, this lovely bunch features classic chrysanthemums, charming tulips, dainty sweet William and a single elegant rose, as well as perfectly placed native gum foliage.

Proceeds: 10% of Pretty Picture sales during November

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About SecondBite

SecondBite started in 2005 in Melbourne. Since then we've grown to become a nationwide food rescue organisation. Each year we rescue and distribute more food. In the last financial year we rescued and distributed 24.3 million kgs of food to over 1,400 food programs, provided the equivalent of 48.7 million meals to people in need.