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November 2023

Human Nature is a mental health charity for young people who have nowhere else to turn to. Working with young people aged 14-18 across the Far North Coast who are experiencing significant mental health challenges and trauma, we offer therapeutic programs that take place outside of clinical settings and in environments where young people feel safer to engage. Our menu of services includes therapeutic expeditions, overnight camps, group activities, individual therapy and supportive mentorship. We offer tailored program delivery that supports young people to overcome past trauma and change the trajectory of their lives so they can have a bright future and avoid needing more extreme interventions later in life. Human Nature provides a unique model of care for young people. We believe it's a model that deserves to be available to all who are currently falling through the gaps in the existing mental health service landscape, especially in regional areas.


Our mission is to empower young people to navigate life’s challenges - transforming trauma and disadvantage into healing and growth.


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About Human Nature Adventure Therapy

Since 2015, Human Nature has been making it easier for young people to access mental health support when they need it. Human Nature was founded by Psychologist Andy Hamilton, driven by a passion for getting impactful, life-changing therapeutic support to vulnerable young people who are falling through the cracks of conventional services, often with tragic consequences. After many years of experimenting with innovative interventions to effectively engage young people, the Human Nature team have developed a suite of programs that prioritise building strong trust and long-term relationships by meeting young people where they are at and working in a highly tailored and individualised way for as long as needed. Unlike many other conventional mental health services, we provide support based on individual need, rather than limiting service delivery to a prescriptive number of sessions for each young person.