September 2020

Escabags was founded by Stacy Jane in November 2019 and the organisation is nowa registered charity. The aims of the organisation are to help alleviate the immediate and present-day distresses of people who are the victims of domestic abuse, to provide practical support and assistance measures to abuse victims when they are escaping from a dangerous or abusive situation, and to provide ongoing support and resources to enable sufferers of abuse to become survivors instead of victims.


Escabags is the first step in you becoming a survivor and no longer a victim.


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Sweet Sincerity
Sweet Sincerity

Simple, sweet and sentimental, our Sweet Sincerity bouquet is for those needing light in tough times. EscaBags are a light for those in difficult situations and is the first step in becoming a survivor. For the month of September we will be donating 10% of our Sweet Sincerity bouquet sales to EscaBags

Proceeds: 10% of Sweet Sincerity sales during September

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About Escabags

The Escabags Mission is to create handmade and lightweight tote bags which are filled with the necessities that a Single Adult / Parent and Child may require when initially escaping from a dangerous, abusive situation.Escabags are free and easily accessible in places such as Hospitals, Service Stations, Doctors Surgeries, Schools, Supermarkets and Health Centres for those who require them. We will also recognise those harder to reach victims; our Indigenous people, the disabled and those in more rural areas, all of which abuse statistics are at their highest.