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June 2022

By reaching out to people who are disenfranchised and socially isolated, we strive to break down barriers and enrich a community where all people are accepted and respected through love, compassion and dignity. The Outreach Program operates to provide people experiencing homelessness with friendship and support in a time when they are generally in greatest need of social and material assistance with a group of Volunteers walking the CBD of Melbourne twice weekly. The Soul Kitchen Program (Braybrook) brings the local community together every Sunday in a safe and respectful environment for anyone who wishes to share a 3-course dinner, chat, enjoy live music, get a haircut or even have your clothes laundered. The Iceolation Program provides fortnightly delivery of groceries to individuals, couples and families across the Western, northern, and eastern suburbs.


300 Blankets is dedicated to supporting people experiencing or at risk of homelessness in Victoria.



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Sweet Little Petite Posy
Sweet Little Petite Posy

When you just want to remind someone that they’re so very dear to you, choose our Sweet Petite! This cute collection of blooms features a traditional fluffy chrysanthemum, precious gerberas, a beautiful rose, and a touch of native gum.

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About 300 Blankets Inc

Second Stitch was founded by VICSEG New Futures in 2017 as a social enterprise that empowers women from diverse backgrounds economically and socially through textiles.

Built on the foundation of supporting women and helping them build connections through our studio, over the last 4 years we have made 20,000+ products, collaborated with industry leaders as well as directly employing our students for our range of services.

We continue to foster a studio of education, empowerment and economy. We believe local and sustainably made productions can create an ecosystem that supports women.

Our foundation was built to help migrant, asylum seekers and refugees through:

- Training
Subsidised training in textile production for migrant, refugee and asylum seekers. Students learn professional textile skills to equip them for employment and enterprise.
- Ethical Production
Our team of seamstresses create high-quality products and repair the stories in your most loved garments. Repairs are available at our Coburg studio open 5 days / week.
- Community
Workshops, events and social gatherings held throughout the year. Open to the public. Building connections in the community.

Founded in 2012 by Warren Tu and Kim Nguyen. Outreach Program commenced in 2015. Soul Kitchen commenced in 2018. Iceolation Program commenced in 2020.