Total Environment Centre

May 2021

TEC was established in 1972 and since then has undertaken over 100 successful environment protection campaigns, including protecting rainforests, the coast and endangered species; cleaner air for the cities; new national parks; securing urban green spaces; more recycling; and stopping plastic pollution.  We work with the community, green businesses and government to obtain lasting change for environmental sustainability.  Our current campaigns include protecting koala populations on the urban fringe; new plastic pollution reduction policies; and expanding renewable energy.


The Total Environment Centre (TEC) believes in a fairer, greener world for all


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Three Blossoms
Three Blossoms

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About Total Environment Centre

Originally TEC was formed by the save the national park and rainforests movement of the 1970s, which naturally segued into their work to preserve clean air and stop coastal sand mining. Today they are supporting communities that struggle to conserve precious parks and bushland. They also push for recycling infrastructure to protect our waterways and oceans from plastic pollutants, and sturdy legislation around native animals and plants to ensure food and water security for future Australians. 
They advocate for renewable energy by encouraging innovation, a more flexible modern energy market, and incentivising government investment. These are the building blocks of a sustainable Australia.
With over 100 eco victories behind them, and more community-focused campaigns ahead, TEC has the roadmap for our journey into the future.