Sydney Homeless Connect

May 2017

Sydney Homeless Connect works for the wellbeing, survival, and protection of people who are experiencing homelessness in Sydney by connecting them with service providers and a supportive community.


Connecting the vulnerable with the protection, help and care they need


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This Special Moment
This Special Moment

This May, 10% of proceeds from the This Special Moment arrangement will go towards supporting the inspiring work done by Sydney Homeless Connect.

Proceeds: 10% of This Special Moment sales during May

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About Sydney Homeless Connect

Sydney Homeless Connect provides an annual winter event at Sydney Town Hall where our open-door policy allows people who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of becoming homeless to connect with service care providers to help them move forward. Sydney Homeless Connect aims to inform those who may find themselves in these situations that there is hope for them and connects them with social and government services that they may not have known were available.